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Anthony Santiago - BuyCarBlog Owner

Hi I'm Anthony. 

Welcome to

I am a certified car buff and your guide to help get you the best deal on your next car. I LOVE cars. I know that is sounds too simple but I really do. For years, I can remember dreaming of shiny new car and all the things I will tweak on it. 

Behind the Wheel

I have enjoyed numerous cars from Japanese to American brands like Ford, Oldsmobile and now the defunct Pontiac. In high-school, I had a baby-Benz, 190e 2.3 4 cylinder that I cherished until it was totaled when it was rear ended in accident.

From there, I've driven Nissan Maximas from the 4th gen and 5th gen. My user handle, gxe2se, was created because I converted my GXE Maxima to an SE. Moved back to euro scene with an BMW e46 chassis and BMW e90 chassis. My current project is my BMW e46 touring wagon that I am working on supercharging. 

Wrench Everyday

As I grew older, my passion for cars has grown and I continue to refine and expand my skills as a weekend shade mechanic and car enthusiast. 

This blog was created both as a passion project as well as a hub to share my years of experience and expertise in the automotive space. 

Why I created

I love a good deal. Don't we all? My experience here should help you in the right direction and sign up for the latest news and information that impacts you the most. 

Be sure to grab the free buying guide to help you decide what to buy.


Anthony Santiago
Editor-in-Chief, BuyCarBlog

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