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November 14, 2023

In my years of experience in the automotive space, I've stumbled across countless debates about the pros and cons of 10-minute oil changes.

Ask my enthusiast friends, and they would never touch an express oil change shop with a ten-foot pole.

However, I will weigh in on my own personal experience and thoughts on whether the myths are true or no longer applicable to today's marketplace.

Some drivers swear by them for convenience, while others argue they're too rushed to ensure quality.

My cousin swears by it, and the local Valvoline shop always earns his business with his Toyota Camry oil change.

So, are 10-minute oil changes bad?


No, they are not bad. The best suggestion is to look up their Google Reviews and see what customers have to say. Social media reviews are a great barometer when deciding on an automotive shop to work on your vehicle.

To start, it's critical to understand what goes on during an oil change. It's more than just pouring new oil into your car.

You will need to remove the bottom splash guard, remove the drain plug, and refill the proper viscosity of the oil. Sometimes, the shop will request you pick up your filter if they still need one in stock.

Luckily, there are typically several auto parts stores in the surrounding area.

In addition, a proper oil change involves:

  • Checking and replacing the oil filter.
  • Examining the vehicle for leaks.
  • Ensuring the correct oil type and quantity are used.

 Can all this be done effectively in 10 minutes? 

The truth is yes. But technically, you need about 15 minutes to properly gravity-drain the oil. 

However, several factors are at play, including the technician's skill, the condition of your vehicle, and the type of oil being used.

Are Drive-Through Oil Changes Bad?

Drive-through oil change services have improved over the years. Simply put, these quick lube shops promote speed and convenience, which can appeal to a busy vehicle owner.

However, if we dig a little deeper, they commonly receive negative reviews related to their customer service. Why is that?

Typically, managers oversee the training and operations daily. From experience, good managers allow teams to thrive while others shortcut proper procedures for the sake of speed.

If you set your expectations that most of the technicians are younger, you might have more patience since they may not be 100% aware of good customer service.

Ideally, the work should be done correctly to prolong the engine's life.

Read the reviews and see if there are any glaring issues regarding recent customer reviews.

The most common vehicles would be fine to service at a 10-minute express oil change shop. Brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevy, Kia, and Hyundai should be fine.

However, European brands should be serviced at an independent auto repair shop specializing in them. You will be surprised by the pricing dealerships might have with a coupon. Be sure to check the dealership website for coupons.

Brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, and Range Rover would be better serviced at an indie auto shop or dealership.

TIP: I would avoid major repairs at an express oil change shop. This is standard advice for car enthusiasts.

Firstly, the usual maintenance checks with a traditional oil change are often overlooked or rushed through at quick-service centers.

Common Issues with Express Oil Change Shops

Moreover, their fast-paced nature may lead to careless mistakes, such as not using the correct type of oil or not screwing the oil drain plug back securely, which could easily result in costly repairs down the road.

In addition, owners have complained of overtightening of the oil filter, and there were some instances of lack of oil refill. These are rare instances, but it's worth noting.

However, not all drive-through shops are bad.

Again, I lean heavily on online reviews.

After all, the quality of service heavily depends on the expertise and focus of the technician working on your vehicle.

Valvoline scores high on callouts as standard operating procedures from service advisors. 

The technician should be familiar with the vehicle manufacturer. For example, an Audi A6 owner complained that their belly pan was missing some fasteners and the oil refill was not full. Stories like these remind me that luxury cars are often better serviced at indie shops.

Again, time is money. The good thing is that when done right, these express oil change shops can be a good alternative to taking the vehicle to a dealership for service.

So, while I'm not claiming all quick oil changes are outright harmful, it's fair to mention that opting for them involves its own risks.

Are Express Oil Changes Good?

While there is no denying the convenience of quick lube shops, the main question remains - are express oil changes good?

As with many things in life, context is key. Yes, they are good.

For the busy vehicle owner, speed and convenience often win the day.

Being able to drive in and out within minutes without an appointment can be a game changer for those with tight schedules. This is especially true for college students, moms, and senior citizens.

It's important to remember that an oil change isn't just about replacing the engine oil. A proper oil change service involves checking the oil filter, oil levels, and tire pressure.

Regular maintenance checks are integral to sustaining the life of your vehicle's engine, and skipping these could lead to costly repairs.

Depending on the shop, I would be weary of additional services or repairs. They will always present their recommendations, but you can decide where to get the work done.

Oil changes are simple, but some quick lube shops may not adhere strictly to your vehicle's maintenance schedule.

That's why choosing an auto repair shop with a reputation for excellence and good reviews is critical.

Worn tires and low brake pads are good indicators that you are due to maintenance tasks.

The technician might check your coolant levels, but I would rely on your vehicle's coolant level sensor to tell you if you are low.

So, next time you consider rushing through that oil change, remember to balance the need for speed with the necessity of thorough maintenance. Understandably, the answer isn't black and white.

No one-size-fits-all answer exists, but with enough information, you'll find the balance that works for you.

Can a Bad Oil Change Mess Up Your Engine?

There's always a nagging question regarding oil change services: can a bad oil change mess up your engine? The simple answer is yes. As a vehicle owner, it's vital to understand that your car's engine relies heavily on clean, fresh oil. The wrong type of oil or a poorly done oil change can negatively impact your engine life.

Oil changes are not just about replacing the engine oil but also involve a series of checks.

This is where your maintenance schedule comes in handy.

A good auto repair shop will always adhere to this schedule and ensure they check other components, including tire pressure, oil level, and oil filter. 

The replacement of the oil filter is especially critical during an oil change. An old or clogged filter can cause damaging particles to infiltrate and wear down your engine.

While it's tempting to rush to quick lube shops for their speedy service, remember that careless mistakes can lead to costly repairs down the line. An oil drain plug that's not tightened properly, for instance, can result in oil leaks, reducing the oil level and increasing the heat in your engine. This is a surefire way to lower your engine life.

Furthermore, the type of engine oil also matters. Motor oils come with different specifications, and your vehicle may require a specific type. Using the wrong oil can lead to increased friction, overheating, and engine damage.

The convenience of 10-minute oil change services must be weighed against the potential risks of poor service. The decision ultimately lies on your personal needs and trust in the service provider. It's crucial to remember that taking a few extra minutes now for a meticulous oil change could save you lots of hassle and money in future repairs.

Do Oil Change Places Report Mileage?

You might be wondering, "Do oil change places report mileage?"

The truth is yes, they do.

Unless there is an issue with your reported VIN, the auto shop typically says the servicing to the motor vehicle department.

Some oil change services diligently track and record vehicle mileage, while others may not. It's integral to maintaining the maintenance schedule of any vehicle correctly, and mileage plays a vital role in it.

Recording the mileage helps monitor the oil level and oil filter condition, ensuring regular oil change intervals.

Maintaining and following the manufacturer's recommended service interval can extend engine life by preventing costly repairs from infrequent oil changes.

Taking proactive steps toward proper vehicle maintenance will save money and prevent the need for expensive repairs.

Can Jiffy Lube Do Audi Oil Change?

a black and white photo of an audi car

If you are an Audi owner like myself, you might wonder if it's worth taking your vehicle to Jiffy Lube for an oil change.

To answer your question, "Can Jiffy Lube do an Audi oil change?

The answer isn't as black and white.

Quick Story:

I suggest taking it to a specialized shop as I have encountered issues where a thinner oil was used, and the overall sentiment working on Audis was negative.

The technician at the shop said that "Audis are problematic and they are not good cars".

I beg to differ. Some shops generally avoid Audis because they are messy to change due to the oil filter location.

When a tech says they don't want to work on the car, it tells me that they are not an expert or don't have enough experience with the vehicle. So take that with a grain of salt.

Jiffy Lube and similar quick lube shops are equipped to perform basic oil change services, but I would call first to see if they have the oil filter in stock. 

Another caveat is that the quality of this service oil and filter may need to meet the standards that your Audi demands. 

However, check the reviews and see if other Audi owners encountered any issues.

Type of Oil

Like other high-end manufacturers, Audi often requires a specific type of oil, SAE 5w-40, and specific oil filters. Only some oil change shops, including Jiffy Lube, will readily have this filter available. The wrong oil filter could decrease performance and engine damage due to lack of flow.

The Importance of Skilled Technicians

While cost-effective, a quick lube shop might need more skilled technicians for your Audi. The oil filter can easily crack if it is overtightened. This is important because the housing is plastic and can become brittle.

In addition, the belly pan should be replaced properly. Choosing an auto repair shop with a solid reputation for specific brands is always safer.

TIP: A common alternative is to have your Audi serviced at a VW dealership. Many VW dealerships report that many Audi vehicles are serviced there.

Remember to do your research and ask the right questions. Regarding your Audi's maintenance, there are better options than the cheapest quote. Choose wisely to avoid future headaches.

Can Jiffy Lube Do BMW Oil Change?

shallow focus photo BMW logo

As we pivot to the question, "Can Jiffy Lube do a BMW oil change?I am also a BMW owner and can weigh in on the topic.

Jiffy Lube, like other quick lube shops, offers oil change services that cater to various vehicles. But when it comes to a BMW, the type of oil, oil filter condition, and adherence to the rigorous maintenance schedule set forth by the manufacturer are critical.

The good news is that many technicians are familiar with BMWs as they are commonly "car guys."

Full synthetic oil is common.

While fast and convenient, Jiffy Lube's oil change services may only sometimes meet the specific requirements of a high-performance vehicle like a BMW.

It never hurts to call in advance to see if they can service your BMW. Sometimes, they might request you bring your oil filter, and their technicians can change it during the oil change.

The good news is that most OE manufacturers for oil filters for BMW include O-rings and a crush washer for the oil drain plug. 

So, while Jiffy Lube could carry out a BMW oil change, it's worth considering whether it's the ideal choice for your car. Keep the allure of a 10-minute oil change from overshadowing the potential risks.

Remember, the devil is in the details when it comes to servicing your BMW.

Can Jiffy Lube Do Mercedes Oil Change

Mercedes Benz c class

From what I've discussed, it's clear that while quick lube shops like Jiffy Lube might offer oil change services for luxury cars, it's crucial to ensure they can meet the specific needs of these high-performance vehicles.

If you're a Mercedes owner, don't compromise on your vehicle's maintenance.

Make sure to use the correct type of oil and stick to the manufacturer's maintenance schedule.

While a 10-minute oil change might seem convenient, there are better choices for preserving your vehicle's longevity and driving quality.

So, before you decide on a quick lube, consider the potential risks and weigh them against the benefits.

After all, proper maintenance should always be a priority for every vehicle owner.

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