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October 4, 2022
are speakers covered under car warranty

Wondering about: Are Speakers Covered Under Car Warranty?

Did you know that car warranties cover speakers? It turns out that most manufacturers will replace any speaker damaged under normal wear and tear. But what happens if something goes wrong with your speakers? Do you have coverage for that?

Most car owners assume that their vehicle warranty covers speakers for the first 3 years. In fact, many companies offer free replacement of speakers as part of their standard basic warranty program. However, not every manufacturer offers this, especially if it is a CPO. It is not the same for used cars.

If you've got a new car, check your owner's manual to see whether your manufacturer offers audio system warranty. If they do, make sure you take advantage of it before your warranty expires. Otherwise, you might find yourself paying hundreds of dollars to get new speakers installed after your warranty runs out.

Are car audio speakers covered by car warranty?

As mentioned above, most cars come with a manufacturer’s limited warranty covering repairs and replacement of defective components. If you bought your new car within the past 3 years, your stock speakers will probably be covered by a manufacturer’s extended warranty.

However, if your audio system is aftermarket, you will need to reach out to your manufacturer regarding their warranty. These warranties often cover repairs for up to five years.

Car Warranty Basics You Need to Know

A car warranty protects you from potential problems that could arise from mechanical failures and manufacturing defects. A manufacturer’s warranty covers repair costs, while an extended warranty provides additional protection. These are typically offered for one to five years.

The cost of a warranty depends on the length of coverage, the number of covered components, and whether it includes roadside assistance. You can find out how much a warranty might cost by contacting your dealership or the manufacturer directly.

Bumper to Bumper Warranty

Most cars come with a bumper-to-bumper warranty. This covers everything inside and outside the vehicle under the factory warranty. This usually includes a comprehensive powertrain warranty, coverage for defects in material, heating systems and optional roadside assistance. 

Make sure to check out your bumper-to-bumper warranty before buying new speakers because it does not cover your new speaker replacements. It only covers what you currently have in the car and not aftermarket speakers. 

Extended bumper-to-bumper warranties are usually purchased after the bumper-to bone warranty expires. With extended warranties, depending on the terms, you should be covered as it is part of the function of the car.

However, there are some exclusions between warranty companies so it is important to review your contract and items that are covered.

are speakers covered under warranty

Things That Can Void Your Car Audio Warranty

Have you ever wondered whether certain things void your car audio warranty? If you answered yes, then read on! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about things that can void your car audio warranty.

are speakers covered under car warranty

#1. Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common causes of voiding your car audio warranty. This happens when water gets inside your vehicle and damages the speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and/or wiring. Water can cause a short circuit in electrical components in the head unit or ground the speakers. 

This problem usually occurs when you leave your windows open or sunroof for too long or when you accidentally spill water onto the dashboard. This can end up your responsibility for this issue since you did not protect the audio equipment from water.

are speakers covered under car warranty

#2. Electrical Problems

Electrical problems such as short circuits, blown fuses, loose connections, and damaged wires can cause your car audio system to malfunction.

These electrical issues often occur due to faulty installation, poor maintenance, or corrosion. This can be caused by poorly protected aftermarket lights, bulbs and audio equipment.

#3. Improper Installation

Wiring harnesses are used to connect your car audio components together. Sometimes, the wiring harness becomes damaged or disconnected.

Improper installation by an unauthorized dealer is another major cause of voiding your car radio warranty. Make sure that your installer has the proper tools and knowledge to install your car audio properly. 

If the dealership finds that the wiring or the installation is to blame for issues, then you will void your audio system warranty.

are speakers covered under car warranty

#4. Corrosion

Corrosion is yet another major cause of voids in your car audio warranty. Corrosion is caused by moisture and salt buildup in your vehicle. While you might not have flooding, a leaking water jug or wet floor mats can start to wreak havoc on your electrical.

It can affect any part of your car audio system, including the amplifier, speaker cones, and wiring.

are speakers covered under car warranty

#5. Theft

Unfortunately, crimes happen. Thieves can steal your car audio components and damage your car's wiring.

In this case, your car insurance should cover the repairs to restore your audio system. You will need to submit a police report to your insurance agent and they will process the claim to your insurance company.

The dealership is not responsible to replace under the warranty since it was stolen.

#6. Wear and Tear

Another factor is age. If you have had a sound system for 10 years, it probably won’t perform like it did when it was brand new. Finally, some components such as speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers can break down over time. These items aren’t covered by most warranties.

Other factors can void your car audio stereo's warranties. These include accidental damage, improper maintenance, misuse, and abuse. Any combination of these factors can cause damage to your car stereo.

Water Damage and Wear and Tear are NOT Covered

Most manufacturers offer a one year warranty on the sound system. However, there are many factors that could cause a sound system to fail during its warranty period. One common problem is water damage. This is usually covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

A rattling sound might mean there’s a problem with your car’s speakers. You might hear it while you’re driving, or you might notice it during a test run. If you do hear a rattling noise, here’s what you need to know about fixing it.

Troubleshooting: Reasons Why Car Speakers Are Not Working or Rattling

First, check the speaker itself. Look closely at the speaker grille and see whether anything appears to be sticking out. If it does, gently push it back into place. Also look around the area where the speaker connects to the dashboard. Are there any wires hanging loose? Do you feel any vibrations coming from the speaker?

Second, check the head unit. Does it power on? Are all the speakers not working or just one? Are you able to get any sound from the front speakers or the rear speakers? Sometimes, it  can be a loose wire or a defective unit. 

Third, does it sound bad at all volumes or only at higher volumes? Does it happen only when the bass is heavy or all the time? If your speaker rattles or sounds like it is muffled, your speaker might be blown. 

What is a Blown Speaker?

Blown speakers are a common problem among drivers who listen to music through their cars' sound systems. Blown speakers occur when the driver accidentally pushes too hard on the volume control knob, causing the system to overheat and blow out the speakers.

To prevent this type of problem, keep your volume controls within their limits. Don't turn them past 10% or 20%, depending on the model of your vehicle.

If you have a blown speaker and are within your 3 years basic warranty, the dealership should be able to replace it as a warranty repair. 

Final Thoughts on Car Audio and Car Warranty

In conclusion, car warranties are usually designed to cover almost everything on a new car. This typically includes air conditioning, powertrain and audio systems.

In fact, some manufacturers offer extended coverage for audio equipment like yours. So if you want to know whether your warranty covers speakers, check with your manufacturer. If they say yes, you're covered. But if they say no, you probably will need to determine the best course of action.

Regarding CPO's vehicles, it's important to determine the cause of the problem. My brother's GLC300 was NOT covered under the CPO warranty and was quoted $3,000 to replace the computer in the back. It was diagnosed to have corrosion from previous water intrusion. Luckily, we were able to fix ourselves but it goes to show you that you are NOT always covered by the dealership.

The same goes for amplifiers, which are often sold separately from the rest of the system. Make sure you ask your dealer or manufacturer about their policies regarding these items.

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