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September 8, 2023

When buying a used car online, I've often asked, "Just how comprehensive is Carvana's 150-point inspection?" We all know peace of mind is key when making a big purchase. As a car buff and countless hours researching and using that information to buy my vehicles, I will share my first-hand experience and some caveats to consider.

Carvana promises a thorough pre-purchase inspection (PPI), but what does that really include? And more importantly, is it any good?

The company markets its vehicles to include its 150-point Inspection as one of the key differentiators from traditional dealerships. They claim this process ensures every vehicle sold meets their high standards for quality and safety.

So, let's dive into what makes up those 150 points of Carvana's Inspection. Let me tell you, it's more than just a car wash and a vacuuming.

Spoiler Alert:

The 150-point Inspection is good, but I ALWAYS advise a post-purchase inspection, preferably at the brand dealership of your vehicle. For example, I took my newly acquired Mercedes Benz to the local authorized dealership for an inspection (Paid out of pocket of $300) because I did not feel comfortable that Pepboys (A Carvana certified center) would have the entire diagnostics log to check the vehicle thoroughly.

Key Takeaways

  • Carvana's 150-point inspection comprehensively checks the vehicle's mechanical and cosmetic condition. It covers areas like the engine, transmission, suspension, tires, brakes, electrical systems, and interior.
  • While the 150-point inspection provides a good baseline assessment, it is recommended to always get an additional inspection from an authorized brand dealership or specialized repair shop within the 7-day trial. This helps ensure any issues are caught.
  • While a mostly positive experience with Carvana's 150-point inspection, some buyers have expressed disappointment with the process. You must remain vigilant with your purchase and not rely solely on Carvana. This provides added peace of mind.
  • Understanding Carvana's 150-Point Inspection

    Let's delve into what Carvana's 150-point Inspection entails. This comprehensive check is one of the key elements that sets Carvana apart from traditional dealerships.

    Breaking Down Carvana's 150-Point Inspection

    Carvana's pre-purchase inspections, often called PPIs, are designed to ensure that every car they sell meets its high standards for quality and safety. They conduct an in-depth examination of each vehicle's components, including:

    • Engine and transmission
    • Brakes and suspension system
    • Tires and wheels
    • Interior and exterior
    • Seats and upholstery
    • Air conditioning and heating systems

    Qualified technicians meticulously inspect each element, ensuring you'll get a roadworthy and comfortable car.

    I also believe that Carvana does not sell any vehicles with flood damage. Previously, they advertised that their vehicles were accident-free, but I have found good examples of minor or moderate accidents under the vehicle history report.

    These vehicles are still considered to have clean titles as long as they are not salvaged or rebuilt.

    Why Trust the Carvana 150-Point Vehicle Check?

    Carvana Inspection Report

    You might ask yourself why it's worth trusting Carvana's entire process. After all, there are many other dealerships out there offering similar services. What exactly makes Carvana stand out from the rest?

    First off, it's about transparency. Every step in their inspection process is transparently shared with prospective buyers. You know exactly what has been checked, and any issues found during the Inspection are disclosed. Having the 7-day money-back guarantee is also a nice option for a buyer. The seven-day trial period starts the day of your official delivery.

    My customer experience was good overall. I could locate my 150 inspection checklist, even though it's not readily available from the user dashboard.

    Secondly, I'd like to stress Carvana's commitment to customer service. Based on advocate feedback, any vehicle that doesn't pass its rigorous Inspection isn't listed for sale – period! It ensures you get something truly reliable when buying a car from them.

    Note: There will be duds due to the number of cars they have to process. You must do your homework and inspect your vehicle in the 7-day window to finalize your decision.

    Evaluating the Quality of Carvana's 150-Point Inspection

    As I have mentioned, customers have praised how thorough these inspections are. Many buyers reported peace of mind knowing their new purchase had undergone such a detailed inspection.

    This level of detail makes Carvana's 150-point Inspection so valuable. It offers a solid baseline assurance to buyers that they're investing in a quality vehicle. In addition, the 3-month warranty with every vehicle also offers some protection and reduces the risk of expensive repairs or breakdowns.

    You can also purchase an extended warranty under Carvana Care. I also bought this as a backup after the 3 months were finished.

    In a nutshell, Carvana's 150-point Inspection is not just another sales gimmick. They promise to deliver quality and reliability with every purchase.

    My vehicle came with four brand-new all-season tires, and the oil looked fairly new. 

    The Mechanics Behind the Inspection Process

    Understanding the Steps in Carvana's Inspection Process

    Carvana isn't your usual used car dealership; they ensure every vehicle goes through an intensive pre-purchase inspection (PPI).

    The first step of this PPI involves thoroughly examining the exterior and interior features.

    Photos on the website will typically show the obvious defects, but you can review any other defects you find with the advocate on the day of delivery. 

    Your advocate will take photos and document these items. Silver Rock, a warranty company, will review and typically approve these repairs to ensure you are happy with your purchase. Otherwise, you can return the vehicle to Carvana.

    When the vehicle is listed, everything from tires, body panels, and glass surfaces to seat upholstery, dashboard controls, and audio functionality gets scrutinized.

    Carvana also ensures all fluids are checked and replaced if necessary. They do their best to remove any roadblocks from an already stressful process.

    The Nitty-Gritty of Carvana's 150-Point Check

    Delving deeper into Carvana's 150-point check reveals how comprehensive it is. Not many understand that this Inspection extends beyond just looking at aesthetics and addresses potential mechanical issues.

    • Brake system: They check brake pads for wear and tear and ensure leak-free brake lines.
    • Suspension & Steering: All suspension joints get inspected along with steering systems for any unusual noise or excessive play.
    • Transmission: It's checked for smooth gear shifting while driving at different speeds.

    These checks help ensure you aren't investing in something that'll put you on the side of the road after just a few months!

    Carvana's Inspection Process: A Closer Look

    In essence, what separates Carvana from other dealerships is not just their technology-driven approach but their commitment to transparency throughout their inspection process.

    Each car sale has an exhaustive list detailing exactly what was inspected during their 150-point check.

    150 Point Carvana Inspection Report

    Benefits of Carvana's Comprehensive Vehicle Check

    When purchasing used cars, one can't be too careful. 

    Here, Carvana's comprehensive vehicle check steps in as a game changer. Leveraging their meticulous 150-point inspection process, they ensure the quality and reliability of every vehicle sold.

    Advantages of Undergoing Carvana's 150-Point Inspection

    Why should I consider a car checked under Carvana's 150-point Inspection? The answer lies in its extensive coverage and attention to detail.

    1. Peace of Mind: With such rigorous inspection protocols, customers gain peace of mind knowing their potential investment is worth every penny.
    2. Transparency: No unpleasant surprises post-purchase - what you see is what you get!
    3. Valuation Accuracy: This in-depth analysis allows for more accurate pricing based on the vehicle's condition and history.

    Boosting Confidence in Purchasing with Carvana's Inspection Protocol

    Let me put it bluntly...Car buying can often feel like stepping into unknown territory. Still, armed with knowledge brought forth by such comprehensive checks, customers can make informed decisions and feel confident about their purchases. These layers of assurance set Carvana apart in the crowded used car marketplace.

    Ultimately, it's all about trust – with Carvana's comprehensive vehicle check, they've got that box checked!

    My Experience with Carvana's 150-Point Inspection

    my Carvana delivery

    My personal experience with Carvana's 150-Point Inspection was fairly good. The thoroughness of their inspection process gave me the confidence to move forward, but I ALWAYS advise a third-party check at a dealership. 

    Carvana's 150-Point Inspection covers various aspects of the car, including the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, and electrical components. This comprehensive Inspection ensures that all major systems and components are checked for potential issues.

    The initial test drive was good, but I heard a low-frequency clunk in the rear. More about this later.

    During my car buying experience, I received a detailed inspection report outlining each inspected item's condition. This report allowed me to make an informed decision about the car's condition and any necessary repairs or maintenance. Another good thing is that it came with (2) keys. This shows that it was probably sold to Carvana rather than from a car auction. I did see this detailed in the vehicle history report.

    The 150-Point Inspection gave me peace of mind, knowing that the car I was purchasing had undergone a rigorous evaluation by trained professionals. This attention to detail contributed to my overall satisfaction with the car-buying process.

    What Exactly is Carvana's 150-Point Inspection?

    Carvana Inspection Center Example

    What does Carvana's 150-Point Inspection entail? Let us shed some light on it for you.

    The inspection process at Carvana, known as the 150-Point Inspection, involves a detailed evaluation of the vehicle's various aspects to ensure its quality and condition. Let me break down how the inspection process works:

    A skilled technician thoroughly examines the vehicle internally and externally, carefully assessing its overall condition, performance, and safety features.

    Carvana's 150-Point Inspection is a meticulous examination of a vehicle's condition and functionality.

    • Exterior. The paintwork and glass of the vehicle's body are checked for any damage or imperfections.
    • Interior: The vehicle's interior is thoroughly checked, including the seats, carpets, dashboard, and electronics. Any wear, stains, or malfunctions will be shown in the photos.
    • Mechanical Components: It includes Inspection of the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, and all other mechanical components for any issues or potential problems, leaving no stone unturned.
    • Electrical System: To ensure proper functionality, we conduct extensive tests on the vehicle's electrical system, including lights, windows, mirrors, and audio.
    • Test Driven: Carvana's inspection team takes the vehicle for a test drive to evaluate its performance on the road. This includes assessing acceleration, braking, steering, and handling. We ensure that the car meets and surpasses your expectations.

    Once the Inspection is complete, a comprehensive report is generated, providing customers with a detailed overview of the vehicle's condition.

    Fun fact: Carvana's 150-Point Inspection process typically takes an average of 2 hours minutes to complete. That's a dedication to excellence!

    The Benefits of Carvana's 150-Point Inspection

    Carvana's 150-Point Inspection sets it apart in the car-buying industry. Discover the benefits that come with it! From assurance of quality to confidence in vehicle condition and even transparency in vehicle history, Carvana leaves no stone unturned. It's not just a mere inspection – it's the peace of mind you deserve when purchasing your next vehicle. Prepare to make an informed decision backed by thorough checks and expert evaluations.

    • Guarantee: Carvana stands behind the quality of their inspected vehicles with a 100-day/4,189-mile limited warranty. This further demonstrates their commitment to providing vehicles of the highest quality.
    Carvana vs Dealership

    Comparing Carvana's 150-Point Inspection to Other Dealerships

    How does Carvana's 150-Point Inspection measure up against other dealerships when inspecting cars? Most importantly, the purchase can be cancelled if the buyer has any remorse. This is not an option at traditional local dealerships.

    Variation in Inspection Standards

    Regarding inspection standards, there can be significant variation among different dealerships. It is important to understand and consider this variation when evaluating the quality of a vehicle inspection.

     Dealership Inspection Standards 

    Carvana follows a comprehensive 150-point inspection process. This thoroughly examines various vehicle components, including the engine, transmission, brakes, tires, and electrical systems. The Inspection covers both the mechanical and cosmetic aspects of the vehicle. 

    Other Dealerships Other dealerships may have their inspection standards, which can vary in terms of the number of points checked and the specific components inspected. Some dealerships may only conduct a basic inspection focusing on key safety features, while others may have a more detailed and comprehensive inspection process.

    When comparing the inspection standards of different dealerships, it is important to consider the variation in the level of detail and thoroughness of the inspections. More inspection points generally indicate a more comprehensive evaluation of the vehicle's condition. It is also crucial to consider the expertise and qualifications of the inspectors conducting the inspections.

    When purchasing a used car, choosing a dealership with rigorous and reliable inspection standards is essential.

    As I mentioned, an authorized dealership would be best. The second best option would be a specialized auto repair shop that works specifically on your make and model. I would avoid general repair shops as they may need more experience or knowledge of the common problematic issues that can occur.

    Furthermore, the reputation of the dealership itself can serve as an indicator of the reliability of their inspections. Dealerships with a history of providing reliable inspections and maintaining high-quality standards are likelier to have trustworthy inspection processes.

    Common Misconceptions About Carvana's 150-Point Inspection

    Be aware of common misconceptions surrounding Carvana's 150-Point Inspection. In this section, we'll debunk the notion that it's merely a marketing gimmick and shed light on the claim that corners are cut to expedite the process.

    "It's Just a Marketing Gimmick"

    The assertion that Carvana's 150-Point Inspection is "just a marketing gimmick" is without basis and lacks evidence. There are several compelling reasons to support this:

    1. The Inspection's thoroughness: Carvana's 150-Point Inspection is a comprehensive procedure that involves a meticulous assessment of various components and systems of the vehicle. It surpasses a superficial examination, ensuring every aspect of the car undergoes a comprehensive inspection and evaluation.
    2. Transparency in the inspection process: Carvana grants customers access to the inspection report, which contains detailed information regarding the vehicle's condition. This level of openness empowers customers to make educated decisions based on the comprehensive inspection results.

    "It's Just a Car Wash and Not A Good Inspection"

    The accuracy of the inspection report: Carvana conducts its inspection process using qualified technicians who adhere to strict guidelines, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency. Advanced diagnostic tools and equipment are utilized during the inspections, minimizing the possibility of overlooking any issues. This is a real inspection that at least checks the tires, braking, and overall vehicle condition.

    Assurance of quality: Carvana reinforces the quality of their inspected vehicles by offering a 100-day/4,189-mile limited warranty. This warranty is a testament to their dedication to delivering reliable and well-maintained vehicles to their customers.

    Final Thoughts

    When purchasing a used car, there is no substitute for peace of mind. While Carvana's 150-Point Inspection offers an extensive vehicle assessment, I always advise my friends and family to invest in a dealership inspection.

    This will ensure that any issues or discrepancies are addressed before the purchase is finalized, giving them confidence about the vehicle they purchased.

    Silver Rock covered the items listed, and I also had the dealership take care of a wheel repair.

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