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August 9, 2023
milan automotive super car

Milan Automotive Story:

Milan Automotive's history, was deeply focused on the realm of supercar production, emphasizing exceptional performance as its hallmark. 

The grand introduction of Milan Automotive occurred at the 2018 marking a pivotal moment in the company's journey.

Their inaugural supercar creation, aptly named the Milan Red, graced the event and made waves in the industry. A testament to exclusivity, this hypercar was produced in limited numbers and boasted an astounding top speed of 400 km/h. The sheer acceleration of going from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 2.47 seconds solidified its place among the elite.

However, Milan Automotive's aspirations stretch far beyond raw performance figures. Their vision embraces innovation, excellence, and originality in design, all while seamlessly integrating cutting-edge materials and state-of-the-art technology. 

Supercar, Hypercar and the Future:

Despite financial challenges, the company released the car in March 2018, limiting production to 99 units, each priced at €2 million. Before it paused in operations, 18 vehicles were already reserved at that time. All cars were each engineered to be extensively customizable.

This venture marked a significant entry for the Austrian automotive industry into the global car market. Fast forward today, Milan-Automotive's mark in automotive history will be remembered as we continue to see innovations in electric vehicles (EV) and battery technology. 

Automotive Resources:

The distinction between supercars and exotics like Ferrari and the vehicles accessible to the everyday buyer is layered with intricate contrasts that delve into the realms of exclusivity, performance, and status. 

Supercars, in their essence, embark on a journey of rarity, where production runs are meticulously curated, resulting in an aura of exclusiveness that elevates them far above the ordinary.

 Yet, the entry into this realm requires a financial embrace of heights that often extend beyond the imagination – prices that effortlessly soar over $200,000 and frequently ascend into the opulent realm of seven figures.

Unlike the humble vehicles traversing daily commutes, supercars are not mere modes of transportation. With ground clearance sacrificed at the altar of speed, storage space and visibility often succumb to the fervor of aerodynamics.

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Copyright © MILAN Automotive GmbH, 2018 | The MILAN RED from Austrian sports car manufacturer MILAN Automotive, puts breathtaking 1.325 hp on the streets (PRNewsfoto/MILAN Automotive GmbH)

Copyright © MILAN Automotive GmbH, 2018 | Milan Red: Full Carbon Bodywork & Chassis, Titanium SLM Uprights, Carbon Fiber Wishbones, V8 Quad Turbo - technical innovation made in Austria (PRNewsfoto/MILAN Automotive GmbH)

milan automotive super car

Copyright © MILAN Automotive GmbH, 2018 | Milan Red: Full Carbon Front Fascia (PRNewsfoto/MILAN Automotive GmbH)

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Milan Automotive Story:Milan Automotive's history, was deeply focused on the realm of supercar production, emphasizing exceptional performance as its hallmark. The grand introduction

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