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January 7, 2023
Foxwell Nt510 Elite BMW

Foxwell NT510 Elite Review for BMW

As a car enthusiast, I know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. That's why I was intrigued when my friend suggested getting the BMW FOXWELL NT510 Elite Automotive OBD2 Code Reader for BMW. 

I was already used to MyCarly for BMW because my friend and the forums were raving about the Foxwell NT510. I had to get my hand on one. 

TLDR: I loved it so much that I purchased two units! 

This bidirectional Diagnostic Scan Tool offers much more than the Autel SL319. While it is good for general purposes, the Foxwell is explicitly designed for BMW and Mini. 

Note: It does not work for ALL makes. You will need to purchase the NT510 designed for your make and model, like Audi, Honda, Toyota, or GM.

The NT510 includes special functions like the ability to:

  • ABS Bleed
  • SRS
  • TPS Active Test
  • Battery Registration
  • Plus, clear coding and service intervals.

After researching and reading several reviews from other users of this product, I decided that this would be an ideal purchase for me, and I haven't been disappointed! This powerful code reader combines many features into one diagnostic scan tool, which makes it incredibly efficient - perfect for any project you may undertake on your vehicle! 

I like the fact that you can select specific modules, like the control modules of LCM, ECM, and ZKE.

About the product

All Functions in Your Hand

The NT510 is easy to use. It automatically scans the car for the VIN and has advanced functions to reset service lights, for example.

Trust me that you'll feel like a master mechanic when you have all this diagnostic power in your hand - from working on the basic functions of a car to troubleshooting complex systems with live data. With the diagnostics that the BMW NT510 Elite offers, you'll easily be able to pinpoint the car's problem. Just search the P-code in google, and you should be able to find a solution. 

NT510 Battery Replacement Tutorial on BMW 

ABS Pump Activation using the NT510 on a BMW

BMW Scanner for Diagnostic Codes

This BMW scanner is a great way to diagnose all sorts of issues with your car's engine, transmission, and more. It runs an OBD-II scan on your vehicle, allowing you to view diagnostic codes in real-time. Unlike generic scanners, the fault codes identified are for a BMW. You can also clear the check engine light easily off the instrument cluster.

TIP: Clear the code and wait for it to pop up again. If the code comes back after clearing two times, then most likely, that is the issue.

High Efficiency, Reliable Quality, Long Service Life

In addition to reading and scanning codes, I used the NT510 to reset a battery and the old service interval. This is perfect when doing a battery replacement.

Suppose you're looking for a high-efficiency, reliable automotive diagnostic scanner with a long service life. It doesn't get much better than the BMW All Systems All Maintenance Service Scanner FOXWELL NT510 Elite.

It's small and compact. A little bigger than the Autel AL319, it's got all the bells and whistles to take care of your car repair needs quickly and conveniently.

Bi-directional/Active Test Operation

This BMW scanner has a bi-directional/active test operation, which allows your vehicle to be tested and diagnosed differently. It can check components such as the ABS, SRS safety restraints airbags systems, EPB electronic park brake system, SAS steering angle sensor calibration, etc.

I was able to use it to check and reset my SRS light as well as check my ABS. This also is a great test to check the Vanos system as well in addition to the intake. 

The only thing that might be worth noting as a negative review is that it might take some time to understand where to access the settings. It took me a bit of time to get used to the interface. This is due to the smaller screen compared to tablet OBD scanners. 

The NT510 is an all-in-one unit that is powered by the OBD port. If you are a BMW auto enthusiast, I would highly recommend this when compared to MyCarly. MyCarly is ok, but you would need your phone app for it to work. 

Cost-effective & Zero-Risk Purchase

When you're ready to invest in an automotive diagnostic tool, trust the BMW All Systems Service Scanner. It's cost-effective and offers zero-risk purchases with a three-year warranty. Unlike buying a generic scanner that may not support certain systems on your car, this one is specifically designed for BMWs and will give accurate diagnoses plus active tests of all systems from ABS Bleed, SRS memory reset & more! A smart purchase choice every time.

New Feature - Save Your Time

This high-tech gadget not only promises to save you a great deal of cash, but it also gives you more time! The new feature 'Save Your Time' lets you diagnose all systems in cars, no matter their make or model, with just one button press. Plus, this scanner can communicate bidirectionally and reset service light indicators, so overall they're shopping wisely if they invest in this amazing product!

Does the Foxwell NT510 work on all cars?

The Foxwell NT510 Elite for a BMW is a professional diagnostic tool designed to work on BMW vehicles. It can read and clear codes, provide live data and perform various functions such as oil reset, EPB reset, SAS reset, BMS reset, DPF regeneration, and more.

However, buyers should note that the Foxwell NT510 Elite is incompatible with all cars. You must purchase the unit coded to a specific car brand and manufacturer. 

Which OBD scanner is best for BMW?

There are a lot of options for an OBD scanner for BMWs. There are options like MyCarly, OBD Fusion, INPA, and ISTA. I like the Foxwell NT510 Elite because it provides BMW codes and can scan different modules. 

However, depending on your needs for bidirectional control for the DME Control system or the Transmission control module, you might opt to obtain dealership-level diagnostics like INPA and ISTA. 

Are Foxwell updates free?

Yes, Foxwell OBD scanners come with either 3 years of free updates or free updates based on the unit. Most of the time you will be good with the latest version if you don't change cars often. 

How do I update my Foxwell NT510 elite?

Updating the Foxwell NT510 is simple. 

  1. You will need to register your account and your unit. Visit to browse the link. 
  2. You will download the FoxAssist App for the NT510.
  3. Then remove the SD card from the unit and plug it into the card reader. You will then use the FoxAssist to update the SD Card with the new data. 
  4. Once complete, reinsert the SC card into your NT510, which should be updated.
  5. Before updating, please make sure your wifi connection is strong and working correctly.

Can an OBD scanner damage your car?

The likelihood of damaging your car is minimal if you don't attempt to code modules using your OBD scanner. OBD Scanner are just readers and would not damage the ECU. 

Users have noted that MyCarly had bricked a few DCM's so be weary. To avoid such issues, ALWAY code your car with the engine running. 

Can a Foxwell scanner program keys?

The Foxwell NT 510 Elite does not program keys. However, Foxwell does carry other models that can code keys. 

If you were looking to program new keys for your car, the most common brand to purchase is the Autel MaxiIM IM608PRO and the Autel IMKPA expansion kit. I will have a review later about these units. 

The Foxwell NT510 Elite BuyCarBlog's Editors Score

Our Score: 88/100

Regarding the FOXWELL NT510 Elite Automotive Obd2 Code Reader, I must say that I'm really quite impressed with its performance. It's a bidirectional diagnostic scan tool that allows you to check engine error codes and ABS, SRS, EPB, SAS TPS active tests and battery registration without any hassle. 

Plus its easy to use and can check all the modules in a flash.

What makes me give this product such a huge score is the awesome customer reviews it has received on Amazon, in addition to my great experience. Customers have given positive reviews overall, expressing their satisfaction with the scanner's efficiency in helping diagnose car problems accurately. I couldn't agree more. 

Plus it was also praised for being user-friendly and having great built quality too! So if you're looking for a reliable auto code reader & scanner for your Bimmer, go no further than Foxwell NT510 Elite! Overall I am highly satisfied by this purchase and would rate this item 88 out of 100 points!


After my experience with the BMW All Systems All Maintenance Service Scanner FOXWELL NT510 Elite, I can confidently say that it is one of the best code readers and scan tools on the market. It speedily provides accurate information and offers helpful diagnostic codes as well.

The tool also has great features such as battery registration and ABS bleed, making it versatile enough to tackle any job. Overall, this product exceeded my expectations and would definitely recommend it for anyone needing reliable diagnostic results quickly.

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