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September 29, 2022
vogue signature v review

Honest Review of Vogue Signature V Tires

If you have heard about Vogue Signature tires then you might be more familiar with the white and gold or mayo mustard combo. However, I was intrigued by the black version of this tire since there hasn't been much written about this specific tire. 

At first, I was not totally familiar with the brand. I am used to brands like Goodyear, Michelin, Firestone and Bridgestone. However, I purchased the Vogue Signature V tires to replace the Michelin MXM4 tires that have dry rot. 

I was looking for a good value tire that had decent ratings overall for an all-season tire. Most of the information I have found were for the gold and white sidewalls versions and discusses how to keep them clean. 

In this article, we will cover the most common questions about Vogue Signature V Tires, my first impressions and overall driving dynamics. I will share my thoughts on braking, acceleration, cornering, and stability. In addition, I'll give you my impressions of the wear patterns, and overall ride quality.

Let's get into it...

Is Vogue a good tire?

Short answer. YES. Given the price point, technology like Whisper Tuning and history behind the company, the Vogue tires are a good value. However, the yellow and whites are more of a fashion statement and a luxury item due to the premium price.

The initial tests show good performance and long tread life. If you are not familiar with the brand, it is very popular in Chicago where the company was originally founded. 

vogue signature v review

What are the Vogue Signature V Tires?

The Signature V is a premium performance tire developed specifically for high end vehicles. They were designed for drivers seeking comfort, control, and safety; it features a unique tread pattern and compound that provides excellent traction and handling while maintaining low rolling resistance.

Based on all the reviews, it appears that they use a proprietary quiet whisper tread pattern and it seems to be true from the initial tests.  The Signature V line of tires have a V speed rating to handle driving speeds of up to 149 miles per hour.

This tire is designed for luxury vehicles, but it’s a great choice for those who want a tire that performs well for everyday use.

My goal is to provide you with real-world first hand experience to help you make an educated decision.

Who makes Vogue tires?

Vogue tires originated in Chicago back in 1914 when it was founded by Howey Howard. Since then for over 100 years, Vogue Tyre and Rubber Co has specialized in providing drivers with a premium tire dedicated to a specific niche.

vogue signature v review

Where are Vogue Tires Made?

While it is an American company, the tires that I had purchased were Made In Vietnam. Many tire brands have moved overseas for the manufacturing, this does not take away from the quality or performance of the tire. Vogue Tyre caters to those who want to stand out from the crowd. So far, they have lived up to my expectations.

vogue signature v review

In fact, we will cover the budget brand lines of Tier 1 Manufacturers and their budget lines in another article.

How long do Vogue tires last?

The Vogue Signature V tires are rated for up to 60,000 mile tread life warranty. This is much better than other tires and aligns with tier 1 tire tread life. I will report back at 15,000 and 30,000 miles to update this post regarding the tire wear and life. 

The first 2,603 miles have been great and the ride quality has been good. When winter comes, I will be reporting how they perform. 

How is the Vogue Signature V tread life?

Depending on your driving habits and tire maintenance, you'll be able to enjoy the Vogue tires for at least 3-4 years.  For longer lasting tires and tread life, you can check out how to make your car tires last longer.

I believe if you have a regular gasoline engine and keep your tires inflated at the proper pressure, then you should be able to get many miles from it. I will report in 12 months to see how the tread is going. 

vogue signature v review

Are Vogue tires quiet?

Vogue tires are engineered with a specific tread pattern to help with water evacuation and better driving dynamics. Compared to my Michelins MXM4, they are just as quiet and the highway road noise is great. 

Vogue Tires advertise WhisperTuning to help provide drivers and passengers the quietest ride possible. This tread design reduces the noise level and makes this one of the quietest tires I have purchased. The road noise is comparable to the Michelin MXM4 and better than the Ohtsu and Ironman tires. Up to this point, it holds true for the first few thousand miles. 

In relation to other tires, the Ironman iMove Gen 2 are slightly noisier on the highway, while the Vogues are very, very quiet and provide a comfortable ride and a smooth ride.

What color is Vogue tires?

Vogue tires come with black sidewalls, yellow and white stripe and red and white stripe for special editions. 

What I did notice is that the black tires are priced better compared to the premium yellow/white variations. The tire thread is the same and I believe should perform similarly if you opted for the blinged out version. 

Vogue Signature V Tires in snow

I believe that since Vogue is headquartered in Chicago, their engineering team knows very well the requirement of exceptional snow performance. The chunky footprint of the tread design seems to help with the snow. While it is rated as an all-season performance tire, the pattern blocks are big like snow tires. 

Youtuber DirtyTesla also mounted a set of Vogue Signature V tires on his Tesla Y and reported good snow performance. Although, he did share that the rubber compound seems to get harder as temperature drops. However, the weight of the EV might have helped with the traction. 

In addition, there are some videos online showing the Vogue tires performing well in snow. 

As for wet conditions, it should also perform adequately when compared to other tires. There were no negative reviews online regarding the performance in wet weather. Unlike Goodyear RSA, these were rated well. The RSA scored terribly when I had them previously.  

Dry traction is very good and I have not pushed it to the limits. For cruising, it is very good. 

Final Word

Overall, I am happy with the purchase and would recommend them to anyone looking for a high end tire at a good price. The VogueTech comfort ride is very good and they soak up the bumps very well. The ride is firm but not jarring and would consider these a sporty touring tire. They are more expensive but worth every penny. 

I will continue to report as time goes on and road conditions change throughout the year. From the few customer reviews of the Vogue Tyres, it seems that they are a smart choice and a great tire purchase if you can find them at a discounted price. At retail, I suggest you might opt for Michelin or Bridgestone at Costco.

If you want to learn more about the Vogue tires, please visit their website here.




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